Preconstruction Execution Process

Before bidding a project, we carefully review the customer’s needs and expectations to ensure we can create alignment to our teams’ capabilities. This “filtering and targeting” process is a critical step in our “Preconstruction Execution Process,” a process used to bring the highest value possible to our customers, partners and internal stakeholders.

Building Preconstruction Value

Every project goes through a step-by-step process to secure work in a way that is beneficial to our customers and Lithko.

  • Identify the project opportunities and gain as much information about the opportunities as possible.
  • Filter the opportunities against current capabilities and target them for maximum effort.
  • Collaborate and strategize with our customer and vendor/subcontractor partners; offering design assist, budgeting, scheduling and value engineering services.
  • Determine a market-competitive price and provide a detailed proposal to our customer.
  • Conduct a peer review of each proposal before submission, to ensure alignment to the customer’s expectations.
  • Interact with our customer and stakeholders, to post bid, to make any desired adjustments to deliver the best value possible.

Once a project is secured, Lithko starts its planning and preparation to execute in the field through the “Project Execution Process.” The execution plans will be discussed with the customer to discover areas of agreement, concern and improvement.