Project Execution Process

Over the years, through executing on thousands of projects and millions of square feet, Lithko has developed a structured process to plan, prepare and deliver each project at the highest level of expectation.

  • The process starts by downloading all information and understood customer expectations to our Project Execution Team via a Turn Over Meeting, which is prepared and directed by the pre-construction team.
  • The project team goes through a planning cycle to determine, in detail, the plan to execute each project. The effort culminates in an Internal Planning Meeting where all stakeholders deliver on our promise to be prepared.
  • Once the execution plan is detailed, Lithko is prepared to deliver a Customer Plan Presentation (CPP). The presentation to the customer is intended to share our detailed understanding of expectations and seek agreement and adjustments for improvement.
  • Continued planning takes place, in which our Field Leads, under the guidance of our Project Leads, further prepare by planning each phase of work (phase planning) in great detail.
  • At Lithko the planning and preparation continues. As work begins, daily planning and preparation takes place; it is known as the Daily Preparation Process (DPP). Each day, each Field Lead details tomorrow’s tasks, gains validation from the Project Lead and ultimately engages their crew on the plan, seeking input and understanding before the day’s work begins.
  • We understand a plan is only valid if it is delivering the desired results. We track our results daily. Lithko has a sophisticated reporting and information stream to understand its daily outcomes, including safety, quality, schedule and production. By understanding our outcomes on a daily basis, we can adjust to challenges and opportunities quickly.

Building Projects / Delivering Results

We are repeatedly told by our customers that our competitors do not offer this level of Project, Phase and Daily Planning. The level of planning and tracking is unparalleled in concrete construction and is key to providing sustainable results for our customers and stakeholders.