Cincinnati Burg: Glen Suding

10 years ago, Glen Suding started with Lithko as a Field Lead and has successfully worked his way to an Operations Lead. His success is due to being very diligent and having the ability to break down each phase of work, understanding all the details needed to plan and execute each phase. Being a great problem solver has helped him identify and address issues that may arise on a project.

Another strength of his is building relationships with people. He is great with customers and genuinely cares about his crews. He is a good listener and is always open to others' insight to allow for a different perspective. This is clearly evident in how his crews work together.

Glen is currently overseeing 3 projects: Collegiate, Medpace and The Red Garage. 

When Glen is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children. 

Categories: Coworker Spotlight