January Coworker Spotlight: Travis Maughmer- Columbus BURG

15 years ago, Travis started with Lithko in the Columbus Burg as an Operator. He continued to work his way through the field, running tasks on jobs, leading a crew on phases of work and even performed some line and grade. Travis is very self-driven, even staying after work on numerous occasions to learn as much as he could.

In 2013 he approached his Lead, Jim Houssami, and expressed that his goal was to run his own work. From then on, Jim challenged Travis by giving him more responsibility and using “20 questions” to understand where he was with his development toward becoming a Lead.

Due to his drive to win, his passion for the work and a budget always on his mind, it is not surprising that Travis has accomplished his goal and is now a Project Lead. His success is due in large part to a focus on motivating and engaging teams to achieve objectives, as well as maintaining great relationships with our customers. Even as a Project Lead, he is one of the last coworkers to leave the jobsite and he still jumps in to assist crews on pours when needed.

Travis now has numerous projects under his belt, including a Nordstrom distribution center in Harrisburg, PA, three Costco’s and many other warehouse projects including one of Columbus’s largest, the Dollar Tree distribution center. Travis is currently running the Dollar Tree DC, and despite the inclement winter weather, Travis and his team have been able to maintain the budget and schedule.   Great job Travis, and congratulations on being Lithko’s January Coworker Spotlight!

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