February Coworker Spotlight: Dallas Burg

Robby Johnson – Project Lead

Robby joined Lithko in 2017 to help build the Dallas Burg.  Robby is a 20 year veteran to the Dallas-Fort Worth market and was a targeted hire.  After being approached by Lithko, Robby immediately accepted and stated that “Working with a company like Lithko would be one of the greatest opportunities he had been offered.” 

While Robby was an experienced Project Lead, he was asked to join the team as a Site Safety Representative (SSR) on our Texas A&M School of Dentistry project.  Robby had never been in a focused safety role before but was more than willing to make the transition during his Lithko integration.  Robby embraced the role and was very successful as the project SSR.  Robby commented that “It’s never too late to learn and be refocused.  I’m glad that I did it!”  Robby’s attitude and commitment to safety were direct contributions to the team’s accomplishment of zero lost time or recordable injuries on the project.

Robby is currently the Project Lead on the Energy Square Project in Dallas.  His attention to detail and great attitude have proven successful again as his team is completing a structural addition and site renovation project to an existing business campus.  Robby has put his SSR experience to use and after six months on site, he has no lost time or recordable incidents while maintaining his budget and staying on schedule.  The client has awarded additional scopes of work and additional contracts to Lithko based on the team’s performance. 

Great job Robby and congratulations for being selected as Lithko’s February Co-worker Spotlight!

Isaac Cedillo – Estimator

Isaac joined Lithko in 2017 to help establish the Dallas Burg.  Isaac came to Lithko with a background in precast and structural concrete.  Isaac had been involved in quality control, project engineering and had progressed to estimating when he joined the team.  As a Dallas native, Isaac was excited about the new opportunities that a company like Lithko had to offer. 

Isaac went to our Oklahoma City Burg for his onboarding and was well trained for his estimating role.  He quickly learned the Lithko “systems” and has proven to be a valuable asset, estimating jobs for both the Dallas and OKC Burgs.  He has embraced the rolling budget and our Preconstruction/Project Execution processes.  His attention to detail, accuracy and ability to clearly communicate through turnover meetings exceeded expectations!  Isaac truly has a “whatever it takes” attitude and has proven that with getting multiple bids completed simultaneously. 

Great job Isaac and congratulations for being selected as Lithko’s February Co-worker Spotlight!

Aniceto Espinoza – Project Engineer

Anjoined LIthko in 2018 as a recent graduate from the University of North Texas.  Aniceto has concrete in his blood and has been helping his father coordinate and complete place/finish operations for a smaller concrete company in the DFW metroplex since high school.  Aniceto is currently completing his focused integration while working on the Holocaust Garage project in downtown Dallas. 

Aniceto has exhibited an outstanding attitude and a true “whatever it takes” approach during his integration.  Aniceto set the bar during the early stages of his development and always presented exceptional development workbook reports.  Aniceto created a safety spotlight video during his 1st year that focused on safely placing columns from a scissor lift.  He was also a key member of the summer PE/Intern campus event in Catoosa, Oklahoma last year as he impressed everyone with his finishing abilities!  Aniceto has exhibited a willingness to do whatever is asked of him with a smile on his face.  We have high hopes for Aniceto and are glad that he decided to join our team and help us build the Dallas Burg!

Great job Aniceto and congratulations for being selected as Lithko’s February Co-worker Spotlight! 

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