May Coworker Spotlight: Denver

Stevinson Porsche Wall Crew

The Stevinson Porsche construction has not been a typical dealership project; walls, foundations, slabs, and paving. Our Denver team is installing the foundations and walls, but the complexity of the walls has earned this wall crew our coworker spotlight. 

The Porsches will be housed and displayed for customers to view in an underground structure with partially exposed walls and specialty wrap on the radius wall.  Due to this high traffic area, the walls need to be aesthetically pleasing and our team has gone above and beyond to ensure their appearance is uniform. With Doka opening their first office in Denver, our team selected their Frami system for the walls. The system is fast and does not require a crane which is ideal for this type of project.  The slab on metal deck will be installed above the underground structure, which will require 400+ embeds, some weighing 400 to 500 lbs.

Our team continues to be diligent in utilizing our project execution process, including weekly team updates with our customer to discuss the upcoming plan and opportunities, which has resulted in our ability to mitigate issues versus reacting.  Even through the inclement winter, including the “bomb cyclone”, our team has successfully maintained the project schedule.

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