Indianapolis Burg: Jeff Gregory & the Dayton Freight Team

Working collaboratively with Renier Construction, the Dayton Freight team has gone over and beyond in meeting the customer expectations. A long project schedule with a lot of scope and working during business operations provided many challenges. Jeff talked and planned daily with the project team and other subcontractors to ensure the project moved efficiently and equipment durations were kept under control. Our team planned the pour sequence well in advance and engaged the entire project team on the schedule. Through our DPP, phase planning and customer interactions, this project has moved from one phase to the next seamlessly with one crew, minimizing hazards. 

It has been important for Jeff to identify all safety hazards before the next day's execution. He engaged his team on identifying and educating on all the potential hazards that existed on this job. This also raised awareness about other trades's probable hazards and they were able to mitigate those as well. 

Project Scope:

  • 358,765 square feet of paving
  • 60,365 square feet of cross dock/logistics terminal
  • Pump House
  • WIX Office Building
  • 15,600 square foot maintenance building

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