Lithko Columbus Educates Students On Opportunities Entering The Job Market at The Craft Level

The skills gap won't be fixed overnight, but we are doing what we can to have impact! Bart Border, Steve Brown, and Kelly Camden spent the day at the Knox County Career Center Building Trades Class and discussed the opportunities when entering the job market at the craft level. Not only did they share Lithko career opportunities and types of work in the field, they also broke the students up into groups and demonstrated how wall forms work with hands on assembly and how to figure concrete needed and waste factoring.

After their vist, they recieved this very rewarding email from the Insturctor, Colby Clippinger: 

"Thank you doesn't seem like enough for the support you continually show for our school and BT program. Sometimes you may wonder if your efforts are worth it but you should know that you make an impact far beyond anything you can measure. Today you made a positive impact on a young person that is deciding a career path in the near future. These students are no longer deciding whether to be Tradespeople or not their discussion revolves around which Trade to be in.
The skills gap didn't happen overnight nor will it be fixed overnight but rest assured your efforts are not wasted and are definitely helping to shape the future of the Trades and Career Tech.
P.S. As I write this I have had 3 students interrupt me (after the final bell), thanking me for today's lesson and how awesome of a day it was, they said they were excited to go home and share their experience with mom and dad. Well done gentlemen."

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