Project Spotlight: OKC Burg Utilizes 3D Modeling for Paving on IDO Project

3D modeling technology not only brings plan to life, it also comes with many other benefits. The Oklahoma City team built their own 3D model for paving which allowed several things to happen.  They input the model into the 3D grading machine to ensure that the sub base was graded to +/- 1/8”.  They input the exact same model into the Somero laser screed which ensured that the top of concrete elevations were within the same +/- 1/8” tolerance.  This kind of "top of concrete accuracy" simply isn’t possible by hand rodding.  The “old” way consists of a worker recording several points on the top of the forms and  using numerous grade stakes to input the info into the laser screed.  This recorded information wasn't accurate enough.  The 3D model has allowed our team to nearly double the size of a traditional hand rod paving pour.  Lastly, they were able to perform this pour with zero percent waste, which renders some pretty good cost savings in concrete.  The placement was 48,000 square feet.  Theoretical: 1,137 cubic yards  Actual: 1,140 cubic yards

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