Project Spotlight- Marriott Renaissance Bricktown

Progress continues on the Marriott Renaissance Bricktown, a ten story cast in place frame with roof level.  Each typical level consist of 21 columns, 1-elevator core, and 2-stair cores.  All of which must be done in three days to maintain schedule and cycle the floors. There is zero “laydown/staging” area on the job site perimeter.  The only laydown area is on the second level of the building itself.  The team has devised a plan to coordinate all deliveries in a sequence so that they may take the material off the truck and immediately put it to use.  Given the need for “just in time” deliveries, a long focus and amount of effort is required by PL Zack Wilson.  Zack has to know precisely what material is coming on each truck, what time the truck will arrive, and how long it will take to unload and install said material.  In efforts to best utilize the small amount of space for laydown, the project team built an “A-Frame” to store the wall panels vertically when not in use.  The project team also chose to utilize hand set columns in order to free up the crane to work on the core walls to help expedite the vertical forming process.

**At this time  We are very fortunate to be able to continue with most of our construction projects. We are taking things very seriously, being vigilant and  following our  Covid-19 guidelines. To honor our hardworking coworkers, we will still be sharing their work from 2020. Please note a  lot of the photos were taken prior to the establishment of these guidelines.**