Preconstruction Execution Process

Before bidding a project, we carefully review the customer’s needs and expectations to ensure we can create an alignment with our teams’ capabilities. “Filtering and Targeting” is a critical step in our “Preconstruction Execution Process,” bringing the highest value possible to our customers, partners and internal stakeholders.

Building Preconstruction Value

Every project goes through a step-by-step preconstruction process to secure work in a way that is beneficial to our customers and Lithko.

Once a project is secured, Lithko starts its planning and preparation to execute in the field through the “Project Execution Process.” 


1. Know the Project Opportunities

  • Identify and track all the project opportunities 
  • Understand the key information about the projects 

2. Filter Opportunities

  • Evaluate the opportunities for competency and capacity fit; utilize Master Work Schedule to determine capacity constraints 
  • Perform a risk / reward assessment 

3. Bid Strategy

  • Determine the bid strategy, including how to approach the client, partners, vendors/suppliers 
  • Provide client support (e.g., design-assist, value engineering, budgets and schedules 

4. Estimate and Proposal

  • Use the bid strategy and information to create accurate estimate and proposal 

5. Estimate Review

  • Perform a bid and proposal review with the key stakeholders 

6. Win the Project

  • Provide the client with the proposal and collaborate to address any issues and develop the best solution 

7. Prepare Turnover

  • Structure all of the requisite information for a complete turnover to the field execution team