August Coworker Spotlight: Tyler Hendricks, Allentown BURG

Our Allentown team selected Tyler Hendricks for the August Coworker Spotlight. Tyler recently graduated from the Construction Management program at Penn College of Technology. While attending school, Tyler interned for Lithko’s Allentown BURG. After graduation, he started full time as a Project Engineer in Allentown.

Operations Manager, Mike McCloskey, describes Tyler as “a hard worker, hands on, and not afraid to get dirty. Tyler picks up new tasks very quickly. He has experience with tilt-up construction from a previous internship and Tyler grew up around other types of construction. I think the work comes natural to him. Additionally, he leads by example. When we were backfilling and pouring strips, Tyler took charge on setting forms and elevations. By day 2, he was running the crew, and they were looking to Tyler for questions.” 

Project Lead, Tyler Lytwyn, wants more workers like Tyler on his team.  “He is extremely smart and understands construction.  He takes ownership without a lot of direction and he can adapt without a lot of guidance. Whatever direction/tasks I give him for the day, I know he will get it done and done right.” 

Tyler’s career progression will continue in the field.  He is excelling quickly. Once his Project Engineer integration is complete, Tyler will move into a Crew Task Lead/Learning Field Lead role. His Operations Manager, Mike feels Tyler will be successful at Lithko, because he completed every task by working hard, regardless of the situation. 

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