Lithko Enhances Productivity with Tech Solution

August 5, 2020

Lithko is continuing to enhance productivity by implementing technology solutions. We implemented a mobile solution from Penta Technologies that includes the use of an iPad timeclock and a web-based time and quantity coding solution.

Thus far, our coworkers have seen multiple benefits that include:

•    Giving critical time back to our Project leadership by a more efficient way to code time and quantity – reducing time spent coding time by up to 75% for some teams
•    Eliminates manual data entry by our office Administrative staff due to the integrated process – eliminating time spent hand-keying information into our ERP system by up to 80%
•    Reduction of payroll adjustments due to data quality errors or missing coworkers

Nashville Administrative Assistant, Sonia Marquez describes the new T&Q program as “an easy import process, which allows me more time to validate the data I receive and work on other tasks. Since we started using the new program, we have seen less shortages and payroll adjustments.”

Charlotte BURG Field Lead, Mark Stevenson favors the new program. “This program has significantly reduced the time it takes to code T&Q every day. This allows us to have more time in the field each morning, which is the most critical time of day to get crews organized and on task.”