Coworker Spotlight: Andres Hernandez

April 15, 2022

Andres Hernandez is a Project Lead in the Raleigh BURG. He started with Lithko in 2015 as a Crew Task Lead and has regularly proven himself capable of the next challenge. Andres is successful at Lithko because he is focused on continuous improvement and detail oriented. He created several best practices for the BURG based on lessons learned during his projects.

Cardinal Charter School is Andres’ first project as a Project Lead and his first time authoring a complete project plan from the turnover meeting. Even though Cardinal Charter School is a smaller-scale project, it has a high degree of complexity due to the intricacies of the slab and panels. Those details include a small site footprint, areas of the slab that slope, and an abundance of MEP penetrations. This made portions of the slab inaccessible for panel casting. Andres restructured the entire hoisting and casting plan into something that was not only successful for Lithko, but also assisted our customer in allowing other trades to work concurrently on a compressed schedule.

Andres’ performance really stood out to leadership during one of his first tasks as a Field Lead. Andres was responsible for constructing the grand stair on an out-of-town project. The grand stair had four 18’ tall walls, structural support beams, three sets of stairs, and a water feature. Andres created and carried out a plan to build the grand stair safely and efficiently while delivering a quality product to the client.

From his coworker:

Andres is an energetic leader with a great sense of humor. He is a hands-on hard worker who goes above and beyond. He is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the work done. Andres also pushes the team to do their best and knows how to motivate and implement a variety of different leadership styles. He is humble, eager to learn new skills, and enjoys taking on challenges. -Project Coordinator Mara Johnson