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Coworker Spotlight: Armando Lira

Armando Lira started at Lithko in January 2018 as a Project Engineer and received a promotion to Field Lead within a year.   Due to his hard work, ability to quickly learn new skills, and ability to relate to the teams including being bilingual, he recently moved into the Territory Safety Lead role.

Armando is always up to accomplishing whatever need or challenge may arise.  Whether it is a new or current challenge, he takes initiative to deliver a solid outcome.  His strong communication skills allow him to work= well with a diverse group of people. Armando is the go-to person for many things, as he is known to deliver results.

On the Gardendale project, one of our coworkers had to leave the project unexpectedly.  Without hesitation, Armando stepped in and filled the gap.  He took on the additional responsibilities while maintaining his current duties, proving he has the best interest of the project, team, and company in mind.

Another example of Armando going above and beyond, is his support to the BURG Admins. In 2020, Armando was part of the largest crew at that time (80+ workers), when our coworkers were all setting up access to receive electronic paystubs.  He was key to our Admin’s success in completing this, as he stepped in without hesitation to collect emails and provide instruction to each coworker.

About Armando:

“I enjoy working with all my Nashville coworkers. Everyone is welcoming and they are there for me when I need it. I enjoy the opportunity that Lithko provides to grow in the company.

On my first project, Virgin Hotel, I was a Field Lead. Additionally, I took on some project coordination duties, one of the largest Lithko jobs. I am now the Territory Safety Lead for the Nashville BURG and I am excited to see what the future holds for me.”