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Coworker Spotlight: Ben Freeman

Ben started with Lithko as a Kansas City Crew Task Lead in 2002 and has been making a big impact ever since! After five years in Kansas City, he transferred to our Tulsa BURG where he has been a key team member for 14 years. Ben has a field-oriented work history and experience leaning towards a structural competency with quite a bit of experience in vertical and horizontal formwork. He was one of two Project Leads on the 26-story concrete frame River Spirit Casino, Hotel, and garage in 2014/15.

Ben has always displayed a stellar work ethic and exceptional commitment to spending the time necessary to develop effective project and phase plans. He is budget conscious and diligent about understanding the details of the work. In fact, Ben still has a copy of a phase plan he developed during the hotel tower with activities broken down by the hour!

As a result of Ben’s field experience, he is an integral and valued part of the Project Execution Process, and other members of the Project Team frequently look to him for advice and input. In his current role as Project Coordinator, Ben appreciates the PC tools and spends the time necessary to always have accurate information. He prepares a risk/opportunity job cost report that he communicates with the Project Team weekly to help ensure everyone always understands where the Tulsa BURG stands financially. Through monthly, weekly, and daily routines, he makes sure that everyone has the necessary information to effectively do their jobs.

During the past couple years, Ben recognized a need and volunteered to take on additional projects when the team was shorthanded. Because he values using the appropriate tools and having correct and timely information, he is able to stay organized and effective.

Ben’s teammates and coworkers view him as wise and experienced and often ask for his opinion.  One of Tulsa’s current Operations Leads actually spent time in his early career development reporting to Ben who helped shape his perspective on the importance of planning and preparedness.

Thank you, Ben! We appreciate your continued contributions to your BURG and the company!