Coworker Spotlight: Jeff Staten

June 1, 2022

Jeff has been with Lithko for nine years. He started with the company as a Project Engineer, and he is currently a Senior Field Engineer.

A keen attention to detail and great work ethic make Jeff successful in our Kansas City BURG! He strives to understand every aspect of concrete construction and is always looking for a more efficient way to complete tasks.

Jeff’s performance particularly stood out on the Donnelly College Project. This job had a tough layout as well as a very tight site. Not only did Jeff excel in the line and grade, but he also provided leadership to the team by coming up with unique methods to safely move material and equipment.

Jeff is great to work with and willing to help out wherever he can on a project, whether it is mentoring someone new, filling in as a Field Lead, or temporarily serving as a Project Lead. He is recognized as a team player and a huge asset on every project.

Thank you, Jeff! We’re proud to have you on our team.