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Coworker Spotlight: Joel Alonzo

In 2014, the Greenville BURG acquired a concrete contractor in the Greenville, SC, area. A. L. Kevin McGrew, along with other members of his team, moved across the country to merge with this Greenville team.

Joel was one of the coworkers who came with Kevin and started at Lithko as a Project Lead.

Joel is particularly talented at recruiting and growing his teams. He consistently hits expected production numbers and quality on his projects. He is adept at connecting with everyone on a jobsite and became an Operations Lead two years ago. Joel has excelled in the role and has continued to make a significant impact on recruiting and the financial success of the Greenville BURG.

Joel has led many successful projects, and it was hard for his team to pick one that stood out. Ultimately, they selected the first tilt-up building in Greenville—Project Apollo (2015). It was bid at 12%, and Joel brought it in at 18%. This was the first large warehouse for the BURG.

Joel has high expectations for himself and others. He helps everyone around him succeed, and his coworkers know that they can count on him. He also cultivates effective relationships with customers by getting tasks successfully completed on time.

Thank you, Joel! You’re a key player in Lithko’s success!