Jose Solorzano Co-Worker Spotlight field engineer

Coworker Spotlight: Jose Solorzano

March 18, 2024

  1. Current role and previous roles of the coworker.
    • Carpenter, Crew Task Lead, Assistant Field Engineer, Lead Field Engineer
  1. Length of time at Lithko.
    • 9 years
  1. Describe their career path at Lithko
    • Jose began with Lithko as a carpenter and quickly distinguished himself as a leader and moved into the Crew Task Lead role. Six years into his tenure at Lithko, he expressed interest in changing career paths to field engineering. We wanted to provide the opportunity and mentorship for him to further his career in a direction that he was passionate about. Jose has owned and accelerated his development into lead field engineer for the Raleigh BURG.
  1. What makes this person successful at Lithko? Provide an example.
    • Jose’s work ethic and driven nature, paired with a development-focused BURG culture, have allowed him to progress to more pivotal roles by demonstrating excellence in each of his previous roles within the organization.
  1. Talk about a time when their performance really stood out to you.
    • Jose was instrumental in recently mentoring and growing a craft co-worker into a proficient Crew Task Lead – all while successfully leading a field engineering team.
  1. How do his/her teammates view him/her? How does this person interact with the team?
    • Jose’s demonstrated ability and experience garner respect of those around him. Having executed multiple field-based roles at Lithko, he carries out his daily tasks as a field engineer with the workflows of our crews in mind. Although his current role is lead field engineer, it is not uncommon to witness Jose imparting knowledge and advice from his previous roles to guide team members around him.