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Coworker Spotlight: Lance Ashford

Lance is currently a learning Field Engineer. He started right out of high school about three and a half years ago as a laborer, then a carpenter, and next became a Crew Task Lead. When he was a carpenter, he helped the Field Engineers and asked to learn how to set bolt and instruments. Lance’s dad is a Project Lead for the company and showed him how to read plans.

In the last six months, Lance became a Crew Task Lead with an emphasis on line on grade. His expertise in math and technology is an asset to the Columbus BURG. He’s currently learning to read blueprints and architectural drawings as well as running the CAD and selecting points for line on grade. Lance has taken the initiative and shown enthusiasm around acquiring all of these new skills.

Lance is a quiet team member who is always on the move and thinking about the next task. For example, he was once assigned a task for docks to be laid out. He then asked his dad and coworkers to show him how to lay out dock pits and now he can set the form himself. He has also learned how to set a laser at the proper elevation and set a robotic instrument to determine where footing and walls should be placed. With his passion for learning and staying busy, some of his coworkers refer to him as the quiet storm.

Lance has impressed those around him by both his attitude and aptitude and becomes proficient in new topics very quickly. He leads by example, shows and earns respect, and exhibits patience. His coworkers describe him as a special, smart, unique, and dedicated person.

Lance, we’re glad to have you as an important part of the company and your BURG. Thank you for your hard work!