Coworker Spotlight: Phyllis Mejia

April 14, 2021

Today is Administrative Professionals’ Day. This day is all about recognizing our professionals who keep our offices running smoothly and celebrate their valued hard work. Our Cincinnati BURG has selected one of our most experienced administrative professionals, Phyllis Mejia. Phyllis started at Lithko as a timekeeper and manpower scheduler. Today she is the Cincinnati BURG’s office manager, and she is the glue that holds the office together.

Operations Manager, Chris Ahlers, believes Phyllis is successful due to her dedication and selflessness. You can count on her being the first one in the building every day, and she is constantly working, which sets a great example for her team.  She truly cares about our coworkers. This is evident through the time she spends coordinating our yearly company picnics to ensuring all our new parents receive a Lithko baby set to celebrate new additions to their family. She is continually checking in and willing to help anyone in the BURG.

Preconstruction Lead, Ryan Orr, feels Phyllis demonstrates a commitment to excellence and attention to detail every day, supporting the BURG’s success. She routinely trains personnel for other BURGs and holds high standards for our administrative processes.

Equipment Manager, Kayla Griffin previously worked on Phyllis’s team. She says Phyllis gives 110% effort in every task she is faced with and wants her team to succeed. She does an excellent job cross-training other administrative professionals and provides an opportunity for each of them to shine in their own way. Phyllis has taught Kayla a lot over the years, and she feels thankful to have started her Lithko career under Phyllis’s wing as a member of her team.