Coworker Spotlight: Shane Budd

August 5, 2021

Shane is an important part of the Cincinnati BURG! He has worked at Lithko for seven years and has held three different positions during that time, including Carpenter, Field Lead, and Project Lead. He has been successful at Lithko for many reasons, but his ability to understand client expectations truly stands out.

A focus on scheduling, safety, cost, and quality helps Shane communicate effectively and build relationships with everyone on a jobsite from Lithko coworkers to other trades and customers.

Shane’s abilities particularly shined on the Artistry project when he created a new schedule that allowed other trades to execute an efficient workflow and complete the structural decks two months earlier than the original timeline.

Shane is known by his teammates for going above and beyond to help the client and his coworkers. Shane is also great at creating opportunities for new work experiences, allowing others to grow, learn, and succeed within Lithko.

Thank you, Shane, for your dedication, hard work, and versatility!