Coworker Spotlight: Sonia Marquez

April 27, 2022

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. Today and every day, we’re grateful for our coworkers who keep each aspect of our offices running smoothly. This year, we’re highlighting Sonia in our Nashville BURG!

Sonia has been with Lithko for almost four years. She started at the front desk and is now an Executive Assistant and Office Manager.

Sonia always comes to work with a positive attitude and is a tremendous team player. She considers what is best for our coworkers and what is best for our company. She consistently accomplishes tasks independently and on time. Sonia has developed a great rapport with our craft coworkers, and they often reach out to her for assistance.

Recently, Sonia has been a great resource in helping get our Atlanta operation running smoothly from an administrative standpoint. She has been training others and ensuring that time and quantity are being handled correctly while also remotely orchestrating onboarding. Her efforts have been instrumental in getting that location started.

Sonia is an asset to our team and has a knack for supporting her coworkers and improving processes. Many people reach out to her for input and clarification, and everyone views her as a key player in the Nashville BURG!