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Coworker Spotlight: Trent Hanton

Trent Hanton is currently a Project Coordinator in our Nashville BURG. He was hired as a Project Engineer on January 7, 2019, and he has been a great addition to our team!

Trent’s energy and determination to grow and take on more responsibility show his desire to be an effective leader. He supports his team with exceptional communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to consistently deliver positive results on every task. He is the go-to guy when something needs to be completed on a project!
Trent really stood out while on the Ascent Gulch project as a Project Engineer by stepping in and taking on the role of a Project Coordinator partway through when the opportunity arose to help with a strong finish. He exceeded the expectations of this new position to the benefit of the project and his team.

Trent’s social and easygoing nature enables his coworkers to approach him for anything they may need help with. He is very outgoing and enjoys pitching in wherever he is needed. Trent’s contributions positively impact the Nashville team on a regular basis.

Thank you, Trent!