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Coworker Spotlight: Troy LaMonte

During his 15 years with the Indianapolis BURG, Troy has performed the roles of Project Coordinator, Sr. Project Coordinator, and Estimator, and has been a critical part of our Campus Integration program.

In addition to his tenure, Troy is a very process-driven individual. So much so that he was asked to provide outlines for processes around preconstruction and project coordination that have been used as part of talent development within the BURG and as templates for other BURGs. These processes allow Troy to set up the “say what you’re going to do” part of interaction with his coworkers, then he follows through with the “do what you said you were going to do” part, which makes him a key component of several teams and objectives within the BURG.

Troy is the tip of the spear when the team sets their sights on a highly targeted job. Last year, he secured over $35M worth of work in one month!

Troy is involved with several sets of teams within the BURG—project teams, talent development teams, and preconstruction, just to name a few. Everyone that interacts with Troy quickly notices his expertise, and that he truly cares not only about the work topics that may be discussed, but also for the people that he is working with. A couple of the traits that have contributed to his success, especially within the talent development and Campus Integration program, are the healthy respect and care that he exhibits and requires of those around him.

Keep up the great work, Troy!