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Coworker Spotlight: Wyli Williamson

Wyli has been part of our Denver BURG for five years! He is currently a Project Lead and previously held a Field Lead role.

One thing that makes Wyli successful at Lithko is his ability to connect and interact with customers. There was a project that Wyli stepped into late in the process when there were some challenges. Over the final two months of that project, Wyli worked hard with the customer to make sure they felt like a priority and gave them a quality product. This helped lead to another project with that same customer, and they requested to have Wyli on that job.

Wyli was recently part of a project that had an incentive/liquidated damages program for either beating or exceeding the contract schedule days. Wyli was able to lead his team to beat the contract schedule days by the capped amount listed in the contract and achieve the maximum amount of incentive. He accomplished this due to his ability to execute his plan and anticipate potential obstacles.

Wyli is a respected leader who cares for his team and puts a lot of energy into growing and developing his coworkers. He’s constantly challenging and teaching team members to help guide them to the next level. He also has a strong commitment to bettering himself and constantly seeks feedback from others, which will serve him well as he continues to grow at Lithko. Wyli is a valued member of the Denver BURG and has a bright future ahead of him.