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Dallas Coworker Spotlight

Lithko’s integration process allows us to develop leaders so that we can promote from within. In our Dallas BURG, three of our Field Leads were promoted to Project Leads this past summer. They are now leading their own projects by creating a detailed plan, developing & engaging their teams, and achieving challenging goals.

Aniceto Espinoza started at Lithko in 2018 as a Project Engineer, then became a Field Lead, and is now a Project Lead.

Aniceto is driven to reach his personal goals and passionate about operational excellence. He approaches obstacles with an open and humble mindset. He’s willing to build upon his past experiences and put in the work to research items he may not fully understand.

When given the task to put together a plan on his first structural project as a Project Lead, he was challenged to understand a phase of work he had never experienced—cased drilled piers. Aniceto put together a solid plan thinking through many of the key, critical items pertaining to safety, productivity, and quality. He was open to feedback and ready for the challenges of validating his plan. Since the planning meeting, he has put together a total package cased drill pier phase plan and is now out there with boots on the ground making it happen per his plan!

During a site supervision walk, Aniceto and his Operations Lead discussed opportunities for improvements in quality on a construction joint detail on a high-tolerance floor project. Aniceto internalized the conversation and rose to the occasion to revisit his phase plan for the construction joint detail and developed a much better plan to address the joint. The remaining construction joint ended up being a seamless transition from one pour to the other and a product the General Contractor and Owner were impressed with.

Aniceto is a natural leader; he will not ask anyone to do something he is not willing to complete himself. Aniceto leads by example from setting the expectation for the Daily Project Plan process to helping coworkers place curbs when the team is shorthanded.

Alex Carreno started at Lithko as a Field Lead and was promoted to Project Lead this past summer.

Alex’s knowledge and dedication to excellence make him successful at Lithko. He has displayed these qualities many times by knowing the drawings and working with his team to supervise their tasks. Alex verifies his plan to perform the work and checks that it is done per his expectations.

Alex challenges his team to perform the Project Execution Process daily. While working at District 121, he trained new Crew Task Leads and showed them how to efficiently plan their work. He has helped train several new Crew Task Leads and Field Engineers to plan and perform the work per expectations.

Alex’s team members view him as knowledgeable and willing to help train them for future success. His team trusts him to help get their tasks completed and provide them with the knowledge and tools to complete it efficiently.

Fernando Santiago started at Lithko as a Field Lead and was promoted to Project Lead this past summer.

Fernando has been successful at Lithko due to his drive to hit his agreed-upon schedule. He has learned how to plan his project activities and dedicated his efforts to making that happen. This has been seen repeatedly when he jumps in with the crew with his tool bag to help the team achieve the goals he has set.

A proud moment for Fernando’s Operations Lead occurred when the General Contractor at Project TCC at Legacy recognized Fernando at the completion of the project with an autographed photograph of the building that had been signed by the General Contractor’s entire team. They recognized Fernando for his efforts in completing the project ahead of schedule. This was a success and a prime example of why Fernando excels at Lithko.

Fernando’s team views him as an older brother. They let him know when they need help, and he is always there to support them. He treats his team with respect while expecting a high level of performance. Fernando has identified several carpenters and trained them to step into a Crew Task Lead role running work activities on his projects.

Thank you to Aniceto, Alex, and Fernando! Your dedication and work ethic are impressive and make a positive impact on your coworkers and the company!