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December Coworker Spotlight: Phillip Lechowicz , Denver BURG

Phillip (Phil) Lechowicz is currently the Territory Safety Lead in Denver and has been in that role for just over a year at this point.  When Phil stepped into the role, the Denver recordable rate was the highest in the company. Now, the Denver rate is at zero, due to a large part of his diligence and influence of the project leadership teams.  His ability to become a resource and to create buy-in with the teams along with his consistent supervision of focus items and objectives has brought significant value to the Burg as well as his co-workers.

Phil started his time with Lithko in Kansas City as a Project Engineer almost seven and a half years ago. During that time, he supported Cincinnati on an Amazon Fulfillment Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  His “will do/can do” and “never stop learning” approach to any of his roles has continued to increase his knowledge in concrete construction.  Following his time in Baltimore, Phil returned to Kansas City and stepped into the role of a Project Coordinator.  He learned the value of constant communication with his project team peers by providing accurate status on a timely basis.  Additionally, he helped on the project site as needed.  Phil has always been known to swing a hammer or jump into a pour as necessary!

In early 2018, Phil and his wife relocated to Denver, Colorado, where he has become an integral part of the growing Denver Burg.  Given the state of the Denver Burg at that time, his ability to mentor and teach project coordination to his fellow coworkers was highly valued and he became known as a “go to guy” for project coordination questions.  Never one to step down from a challenge, Phil took on the Territory Safety Lead (TSL) role in mid-2019 and the Denver Burg has benefited with his decision.  He will be transitioning out of a TSL in early 2021 as he continues with his development and goal of becoming an Operations Manager sometime in the future.  As such, Phil will start as a Project Lead and run the UC Health project that is scheduled to start in April/May of 2021.  His leadership and demonstrated care and concern for his co-workers will serve him well in this new capacity.