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January Coworker Spotlight: Jennifer Mulanax

Jennifer Mulanax started with Lithko 8 years ago as an Administrative Assistant.  While her official role within Lithko is Administrative Assistant, at the OKC burg she is known by many other titles:  VP of Morale and Welfare Improvement, Den Mother, Director of “do your job so I can do mine” and Sr. Manager of Office Services.

Early in 2020, the BURG faced the tough decision to reduce the number of Administrative Assistants.  Jennifer’s role expanded to include all aspects of the Administrative function. Jennifer presented to the Area Lead, the things that we needed to change and why, where we needed additional support, and a few things that we could stop doing.  During this process she went back to the market and solicited bids from multiple vendors for our office services, resulting in better service for a better price across the board.   We eliminated items that we didn’t need and focused on higher quality goods that helped those in the office do their jobs better.  By the end of 2020, Jennifer increased the overall quality of our office experience and reduced our overhead costs by almost $20k.

When notified that Jennifer was selected for the January spotlight, our Project Leads provided feedback within 24 hours outlining the tremendous job Jennifer did in 2020.

According to Chris Clare, “Jennifer is always going above and beyond any time I call her for assistance with either myself or the guys. While we were out in Nashville, a handful of the guys were struggling with their ADP access and log-in. Jennifer took the time with each individual to get their account set up and a password to go along with it.  Jennifer is an ALLSTAR in my book.  Jennifer truly cares for all of us.”

Adrien Nunez says that Jennifer “definitely made it easy while I worked out of town. She went out of her way and prepared a bag with new hire paperwork, extra per diem cards, face masks and more.”

Above all, what we love about Jennifer is her positive attitude.   She brings life to the office and fully embodies the Lithko culture.  She will do whatever it takes to make sure the team in the field have what they need, and that the office runs smoothly.