October Coworker Spotlight: Javier Uck

October 14, 2020

Javier Uck started with Lithko in 2009 as a Carpenter and quickly moved up into the Field Engineer role in our Charlotte Burg.  Javier has worked alongside Operation Managers, Tom Carpenter and Nick Haniszewski on many Charlotte projects.

At Tryon South End, a 12-story metal deck office building and a 10-story cast-in-place garage, Javier performed the field engineering for most of the garage unassisted as the lone lead engineer.  In that role he managed the installation of over 1000 embeds.  Javier is a strong team leader whose preparation embodies the Lithko Daily Preparation Process.  Javier works hard to plan and prepare the Field Leads for the work ahead of them, which increases the team’s productivity and prevents conflicts from delaying schedule or requiring re-work.  He proactively takes discrepancies to the project coordinator to have RFIs issued and implements the changes in the field without involving the Project Lead.  He takes the initiative on his own and executes the work very well.  Javier’s most notable contribution to the team is his continued dedication to building up those around him.  He takes the time to teach the Field Leads, Project Engineers, and anyone else he works with how to correctly read and coordinate contract documents and shop drawings.  He is effectively passing along the skills that have made him and Lithko so successful and in doing so, he’s ensuring that LITHKO will continue to execute work better and have an auspicious future.