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Worker Wednesday: Adrianne Stoner

 Tell us about your Lithko career journey.  What is your current role and how did you get there?

I’m Adrianne, the Louisville BURG office administrator. I started out as a gatekeeper/receptionist answering phones and taking care of the office back in August 2017 with no background knowledge in concrete construction. Quickly, I began to help with administrative duties such as conducting orientations in not only English, but Spanish; complying timesheets and equipment tracking, scouting for potential construction jobs as well as placing requests for certain job items like purchase orders, insurances and drafting warranties. Soon, I wanted to be more of a help and do a little more. I asked to learn to role of a Project Coordinator, which seemed to be a natural transition as those were the people I worked closely with. That was an extreme eye opening experience, but it just wasn’t for me. Currently, I still manage office admin tasks and help with small project coordinator tasks. I never thought I would be learning Spanish nor trying to read blue prints. I would say my duties here are very unique in the way that I just do a little bit of everything.

Tell us about your family, people in your life that support you.

My family has gotten see me grow professionally and gain some needed confidence and supported me through it all. While I still feel like I’m growing and learning, I definitely feel like my career journey here is wide open and imbued with plenty of opportunities to create a path that works well for my family and I at each stage of my life.

I have a pretty big immediate family. My significant other and I have created a modern day Brady bunch, but even better! There is absolutely never a dull moment in our family with kids ages between 16 and 6. They are academics with mostly straight A’s, musicians, singers, artists, athletes and thespians; and me, I’m just me! I began with Lithko during a time when I needed the utmost stability. Lithko kind of landed in my lap like a law of attraction pull. I wanted a place where I could grow, learn and become stable in my professional life and financially. I needed a place to work that kept family in mind, but still held me accountable for my work.

Tell us about your Lithko family.

This company has created a family outside of my own where we can have events to bond and get embarrassed on our birthday when the Operations Manager belts out the Happy Birthday song to me in front of everyone in a restaurant. They can also be tough, when needed, to help me grow and drop little nuggets of information on the daily. My Louisville Lithko family has also been there when I needed to make a mad dash home to check on the shenanigans my kids have pulled. It definitely takes a village. This village has really helped me create a career with many possibilities and given encouragement to try things.