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Worker Wednesday: Levi Stenger

We’re proud to have Levi as an important part of our Cincinnati BURG! Read about his Lithko experience.

More than anything, I like the environment that we work in at Lithko. Being part of a team and building a project from the ground up is a really rewarding experience. The crews that I work with motivate me to do my best every day.

When I first started at Lithko, I worked as a laborer, so I was doing anything from wrecking forms to running the grade stick while excavating. I am now a Project Engineer and learning the role of Field Lead. I am also interested in learning more about layout as it is an extremely important part of each project.

I fill out the Daily Preparation Plans for our crew and assign specific tasks to each team member every morning. Throughout the day, I get to do a variety of work. I might problem solve in the office with the Project Lead, look up details in the drawings, and I also get to contribute in the field.

I like studying new methods for completing tasks. I’ve worked with quite a few different crews from both the Indy and Cincinnati BURGs. It’s helpful to see how different teams plan and execute the same phases of work using different materials or plans while staying true to overall Lithko processes.

I really enjoyed my first tilt-up job at West Chester Trade Center. It was the first time I was a part of a job from start to finish as well as my first time seeing panels being erected.

In my free time, I like to fish and play golf.