June Coworker Spotlight- David Walker, Central Kentucky BURG

In 2001, David Walker joined the Lithko team, after responding to a job ad in the Hamilton Journal. Additionally, he had a friend that previously worked with Butch Sullivan and Mike Sullivan who referred him to Lithko. Looking for a stable position and hearing great things about the new, up-and-coming concrete contractor, David saw an opportunity for future growth and officially started as a laborer, shoveling gravel. 

David worked extremely hard over the years and continued aspirations to advance his career. For example, David knew he wanted more opportunity so he taught himself to read blue prints under Mark Bella. Because of his hard work and determination, he is a Project Lead today with many jobs under his belt. His most memorable project is the Stratford at Kenwood (2008), an 18-story building on the side of a hill. He was a crew task lead at the time. Despite working night shift and all the challenges that came with the project and schedule, he remembers how the crew came together and always had each other's back. They were like a small family and this has always stuck with him. He uses that team family mentality with his crews today. They work together and do what they need to do to get the job done successfully as a team. 

David feels like his success at Lithko is due to the structure and planning processes in place. "They set you up for success from the beginning.They assign a mentor to teach you. The sky is the limit if you are willing to work hard and learn."  He feels the daily planning process and phase plans are great ways to keep him constantly thinking about his plan, daily tasks, and how he might revise them due to outcomes. 

Operations Manager, Chuck McFarland selected David as the coworker spotlight for many reasons, including his honesty and respect he has for his team. "He always has his crew's best intentions in mind. He is quality driven and expects things to get done right the first time. He puts a lot of trust into his team to do what he expects of them. He is always giving them opportunities to step up, learn new tasks, and grow into another role if they desire. He is extremely dedicated, loyal, and a man of his word. We are very lucky to have David as a member of our Lithko team!" 



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