March Coworker Spotlight- Tomas Morales

Tomas Morales is better known as “Chivo” to his fellow coworkers. The literal translation means “goat”. To Tomas, this is just a nickname that has been passed down to him through friends and family. To the Tulsa BURG, hearing this name on the jobsite assures the team that their vertical work is in good hands and it will be done right. Chivo has developed his reputation over the course of 16 years working in construction, with 15 of those years being with Lithko. Chivo started with Lithko in 2005 as a laborer but has developed into a Crew Task Lead overseeing the walls and column crew. It is no surprise that Chivo’s favorite thing to build is “big concrete walls”.

Before coming to Lithko, Chivo lived in Mexico where he received his high school diploma before moving to the states. With his cultural background and bilingual ability, Chivo can effectively communicate with his Field Leads and Project Leads while passing the information to non-English speaking workers. When he is not on the jobsite, Chivo enjoys the occasional fishing trip but would rather spend an afternoon of grilling food and playing with his two kids.

According to Project Lead, Zach Proctor: “Chivo has been with the company for quite some time. I can remember when Chivo was first hired on with the Tulsa BURG. Since then, I have seen him develop into a great Crew Task Lead. One of the greatest characteristics of Chivo is his ambition. He always wants to learn. He is constantly asking Field Leads and myself for guidance to complete his tasks more efficiently, safely and with the highest quality possible. This ambition of his has a direct effect on other workers in his crew. Tomas loves to train others on the skills and safe work practices he has acquired over the years. He owns up to his mistakes and learns from them. Additionally, he shows others how to avoid making those same mistakes. A year ago, Chivo would cringe when he knew the Territory Safety Lead (TSL) would show up for a site visit. Now, he cannot wait to greet the TSL on the site.  He engages with the TSL to identify opportunities to improve safety in his work area. Not only has he developed the safety aspect of his work, but also constructability. Chivo is constantly looking ahead: scheduling inspections for his work, ordering materials and any special equipment they need to get the job done safely. Chivo takes great pride in his work and expects the same from his crew. He is always pushing them to do better but acknowledges when a job was well done. He occasionally treats his crew to lunch at the end of the week. I look forward to continuing our work relationship well into the future. With his uncontrollable desire to learn and his ability to really connect and train his crew, Chivo will be able to achieve great things here at Lithko.” – Zach Proctor

“Hello, my name is Tomas Morales. I have been a Lithko coworker for about 15 years. Taking care of their coworkers is one of Lithko’s top priorities. There is training and resources available for each type of work and I have always been provided with proper tools and personal protective equipment to make my work easier and safer. I am always learning new things. Sometimes I do not know the safest or best way to complete a task, so I engage with our Territory Safety Lead, Project Lead and Field Leads to help figure out the situation. Lithko is a company full of opportunities and equality for all workers. I started out as a laborer cleaning mud off foundations. Then I wanted a new challenge. I learned concrete carpentry on the jobsite along with operating equipment such as a forklift and a bobcat. Now I am a Crew Task Lead for Lithko and want to keep getting ahead of myself to go to the next level as a Field Lead. I know that this will be possible because there are always opportunities for the workers who seek to overcome.” – Tomas “Chivo” Morales

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