November Coworker Spotlight- Shannon Gould

Shannon Gould is a Learning Project Lead in our Kansas City BURG.  He came to Lithko as a Carpenter in 2011 and moved through the role of Crew Task Lead, then Field Lead, and onto a Project Lead role.

It is evident that Shannon possesses a drive to perform his role and is always willing to step in and take on responsibilities outside of his own.  This mentality inspires the crew around him to do the same, which is why he is so well respected as a leader and mentor.

In the Field Lead role, Shannon excels with developing and running exceptional crews and has found a specialty in structural walls/projects.  Most recently, Shannon was given the opportunity to fill the role of Project Lead on his own project, the Olathe Fire Station 08.  In this role, he is once again passing his knowledge down to train another Field Lead and craft coworkers regarding structural walls.  He has a hands-on approach to pushing his team but does it in a way that is always engaging and inspires his crews to learn and do more.

We are honored and proud to have Shannon a part of our Kansas City BURG, and look forward to his continued success as an integral part of our future!

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