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Lithko ranks #27 on ENR's Top 600 Specialty Contractors List

For the past 4 years, Lithko has been rocking steady at #2 on ENR's top 20 firms in concrete. We have been holding at #27 for the past 2 years on the overall specialty contractor list. Full List &… View More

October Coworker Spotlight: Javier Uck

Javier Uck started with Lithko in 2009 as a Carpenter and quickly moved up into the Field Engineer role in our Charlotte Burg.  Javier has worked alongside Operation Managers, Tom Carpenter and Nick Haniszewski on many Charlotte projects.  At Tryon South End, a 12-story metal deck office building and a 10-story cast-in-place garage, Javier performed the field engineering for most of the garage unassisted as the lone lead engineer.… View More

OU Bed Tower Team Receives Award of Excellence by Turner Construction

Our Oklahoma City BURG partnered with Turner Construction to accommodate a multitude of structural design changes on the OU Bet Tower.  This included the addition of 164 cubic yards of concrete, 241 tons of rebar, and 16 transfer beams.  Many of these changes occurred while the project progressed with minimal impact to the original schedule.  It was this collaboration that lead Turner to honor our Oklahoma City OU Medical Bed Tower team… View More