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Worker Wednesday: Omar Nunez

What do you enjoy about working at Lithko?       I enjoy constantly learning and being challenged everyday to be better at what I do. What motivates you to wake up and go to work? Every day I get to start new and exciting challenges. What responsibilities did you have when you first… View More

Worker Wednesday: Isai Mezquite Cruz

What I enjoy most about working at Lithko is that there are always new challenges that push me to learn, adapt, and gain more experience. I also like working with my team. I am motivated to wake up every day and go to work to help my team with anything to get the job done right and go home safely. My… View More

Coworker Spotlight: Lance Ashford

Lance is currently a learning Field Engineer. He started right out of high school about three and a half years ago as a laborer, then a carpenter, and next became a Crew Task Lead. When he was a carpenter, he helped the Field Engineers and asked to learn how to set bolt and instruments. Lance’s dad is a Project Lead for the company and showed him how to read… View More