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Central Kentucky Project Spotlight: Large Manufacturing Facility

May 29, 2024

This extensive manufacturing facility represents a collaborative effort between our Cincinnati and Central Kentucky Business Units. Spanning multiple phases, our teams have partnered with companies from around the globe, including those from Korea, Germany, Hungary, and the US.

Our workforce, comprising over 200 Lithko co-workers, led the first phase in conjunction with the Cincinnati Business Unit. This phase encompassed various tasks, from micro pile preparation to foundation installation, ASRS Mat Foundation construction, slabs on grade, and walls. The subsequent phase involved the development of six distinct Aluminum Rolling Mills, equipped with equipment foundations, structural decks, and metal deck slabs.

Covering a building footprint of 185,000 square feet, this project necessitated over 35,000 cubic yards of concrete, incorporating more than 5,000 anchor bolts and anchor bolt assemblies.

Meeting the precise tolerances associated with equipment setting, with anchor bolt tolerances of 2 millimeters or less, required meticulous collaboration with the owner, our customer, project leadership, and our onsite quality control team. Through this concerted effort, we’ve consistently met or surpassed these exacting tolerances.

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