September Coworker Spotlight- Mauro Nieto

Mauro Nieto is a Place Finish Field Lead in our Raleigh BURG. Mauro came to Lithko 3 years ago as a finisher.  Within a year and a half, Mauro grabbed a bull by its horns and became the Place Finish Field Lead.  When he started the new role, it was brought to Mauro’s attention there was a need for additional coworkers on this crew. He drove to Florida that weekend to pick up 6 coworkers for Monday morning.

Place Finish Lead, Dalton List knew from the first day he met Mauro, he was going to be a key team member in their BURG. “I noticed right away he had a great attention to detail, he cared a lot about his work, and he was ready for the next big opportunity. This opportunity was the Place Finish Field Lead position. Mauro is successful in this role because he is proactive and always prepared.” Mauro will call Dalton at 8:00 pm sometimes to discuss pours 3 days in advance to ensure he has the correct manpower and understands the budget for each pour. He checks the job site prior to the day of each pour to assure they have the right tools and equipment.

One recent example that really stands out to Dalton is a pour Mauro made happen for a customer. “Our client really needed a last-minute placement on a mixed-use student living project, so students could move in on time. I called Mauro on Saturday to discuss the issue. Without hesitation, Mauro left for the jobsite directly from church on Sunday. He made sure he had everything for the pour and his crew knew what to expect. They started the pour at 12:00 am that night and got it done right for our customer.”

Dalton really appreciates Mauro’s attention to safety. When he came into Lithko, he took the time to understand the culture and processes. Today Mauro is diligent with the daily preparation process and operational activity trainings. He is consistently doing stand-downs with his crews and engages them in the daily plan.

Our Raleigh BURG took the initiative to increase warehouse work in their area, and Mauro played an instrumental part in the process. He was a laser screed operator prior to working at Lithko and he worked closely with Vince Brzozowski from Ohio to really understand our laser screeds to make sure Raleigh had the best in class operation. 

“Mauro’s team views him has a leader and appreciates how hard he works,” Dalton states. “On any pour I can always expect to see Mauro with a magic screed, or a rake and he is repeatedly the dirtiest on the crew.”

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