Worker Wednesday- Alester Sumter

What do you enjoy about working at Lithko?

Lithko is a trustworthy company. I am at ease knowing Lithko will do its best to take care of their workers. Additionally, my coworkers are a big reason why I enjoy working here. I’ve built a special bond with them, which makes me enjoy my job even more. 

What responsibilities did you have when you first started with Litho? What are your responsibilities now?

I started at Lithko as a carpenter. I was one of the first coworkers hired at the Charleston BURG,  so I had many responsibilities aside from carpentry. In 2017, I had to take some time off due to Cancer. Thankfully, I was able to come back to Lithko within a few months and I was welcomed with open arms. I currently drive the flatbed and ensure all the jobs have everything they need. I am also in charge of taking care of the company yard. I enjoy working in this position and knowing my coworkers can count on me!

What work challenges excite you?

I started working in concrete for many years before all these new concrete systems existed. One of my favorite things is learning new efficient ways to get a job done. 

What is your career vision?

My career vision is to continue to work hard. I’m always ready to step up wherever I am needed. 


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