200 Stovall St.


Balfour Beatty


Project Size

263,000 square feet

Project Location

Alexandria, VA

Lithko Location

The new 17-story mixed use residential development has converted the previous 13-story office building in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. Our Mid-Atlantic team added 4 levels of slab on metal deck to the existing 13-story structure. Our scope of work included replacing the slab on grade, topping slabs for the converted 2nd and 3rd floor to a parking garage, slab over metal deck for the 4 added floors, pool and courtyard walls on the 13th floor, and miscellaneous slab patching throughout the building.

While working in a retro-fit building, we kept in constant communication and coordination with the other trades in our areas. The height of the building and the existing structure already in place, made getting materials and equipment to active floors a challenge. This required detailed coordination to ensure the materials and equipment were brought up in an organized manner to efficiently perform the work. The conveyance of concrete required creativity from our team. We used riser pipes and a placing boom station, to pump concrete up to the additional levels. We utilized buggies for infill placements on the existing floors.

To guarantee we kept up with all the details that go into a retrofit, we held multiple planning sessions prior to each phase of work. This project increased our team’s ability to be flexible in changing conditions, while delivering a quality product.


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