Duke Realty


Duke Realty

Project Size

421,000 square feet

Project Location

Columbus, OH

Lithko Location

BASF, a German plastics company leased Duke Realty’s 421,000 square foot build to suit distribution center on the 33 acre site in the Rickenbacker Global Logistics Park. The project created about 50 jobs in the area.

Lithko started construction in May of 2015, which included slabs, foundations, paving and sitework. This wasn’t just a typical warehouse project. Recessed floors and a precast enclosed storage unit were required for the storage of hazardous materials. Since our project team was also building INNOPAK next door at the same time, extra coordination and planning took place to ensure each job had sufficient labor, equipment and materials. Even with the unique building components, extra coordination and planning we were able to complete the project in 5 months.


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