Centene East Coast Headquarters






Project Size

810,000 square feet

Project Location

Charlotte, NC

Lithko Location

Centene Corporation has selected Charlotte, North Carolina for the new 1 million-square-foot East Coast headquarters.  The campus will take shape in four phases and will ultimately consist of several buildings encompassing office space, a data center and  corporate learning/development center.  This is the greatest economic development deal in state history, creating 3,200 jobs in this phase alone. Our Charlotte BURG was awarded the first phase of this project which includes the structural foundations, columns, retaining walls, core walls, elevated decks, slab on grade, pan filled stairs, and self-supporting architectural cast in place stairs.

The elevated concrete slabs were engineered to incorporate a pan design.  The forming of the pan onto the truss table design added a significant operation to the overall decking operation. Early in the preconstruction phase, our team aligned the appropriate resources to plan and execute this phase of work.

Over 100,000 square feet of architectural walls will be cast with a formliner, which will display a wood grain pattern. All these exposed form-lined walls will be placed with self-consolidating concrete. A portion of these walls will have a form lined finish on both sides, requiring insulation to be placed inside the wall. Utilizing techniques used in tilt up design, we will achieve this by two separate pours, securing the insulation in place before the second placement.

The most difficult engineering feat on the project is the forming and stripping of three cantilever slabs where the largest cantilever extends 60’.  With 6-8 floors of the building on top of these cantilevers, heavy back shoring was needed and must remain in place until the building is topped out and the structural steel bracing is installed. The removal of this shoring will require the use of hydraulic jacks to raise the entire structure off the supports and then release the entire building when stripped.  The expected deflection of the cantilever is upwards of 2”.

We are working with a very aggressive schedule and Charlotte experienced heavy rainfall this winter. We committed to a longer work week along with working swing shifts for the duration of the project to achieve the schedule milestones. Our team did a great job in the preconstruction phase and is continuing to focus their efforts on each phase of work and daily planning for every major operation. This is one of Lithko’s largest projects, with over 44,000 cubic yards of concrete.


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