RG Anderson


Rutledge Development


Project Size

330,000 square feet

Project Location

Nashville, TN

Lithko Location

CityLights, a seven-story luxury condominium complex will include underground parking, an amenity level and restaurant in Downtown Nashville.

The amenity complex is located on the 4th elevated deck level. It is a large footprint and will consist of a thickened slab, tremendous number of beams and pool. Due to the decorative look multi-unit residential projects desire, there is a considerable amount of exposed concrete in the columns and stairwell, requiring a different finishing method, extensive rubbing and patching. To achieve the smooth finish on the exposed columns, we utilized the Gates Concrete Formwork System.

The restaurant scope of the project provided some very complex coordination and construction obstacles that had to be strategically planned for. The 25-foot-tall double height bay and 30-foot-tall retaining wall are just some of the unique components that went into the construction of the restaurant.

To add to the complexity, water was found during excavation, causing a change in the design from shallow spread footings to drilled caissons. This along with an extremely wet winter forced many delays in the project schedule. To ensure we achieved the contract schedule, our team worked with the Customer to find a more efficient sequence to the elevated decks.

Along with our DPP and OATs, our team followed a very structured quality control check list process for all the elevated deck placements, including a sign off prior to the pours that held all stakeholders to a high standard. Our quality control, ability to adapt, and planning processes all contributed to the success of this project, including the fact that we finished our portion within days of the contract schedule despite all the delays.


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