Project Size

139,500 square feet

Project Location

Kansas City, MO

Lithko Location

The new mixed-use development, Gallerie is located south of the Hallmark Headquarters at Crown Center. Milhaus purchased the site from Hallmark and is partnering with UC-B Properties on the development of this project. Lithko is installing the drilled piers, foundations, cast in place & retaining walls, slab on grade, columns, elevated post-tension deck, and topping slabs.

There is a 50+ foot elevation change from one side of the project to the other. Although the sloped site allows space for the parking garage, which won’t be viewable from the residential units, it poses many challenges during construction. Some of the retaining walls are 20 feet tall and require massive excavations on the uneven ground. There are 5 buildings total, with 4 of them being connected in one location. All the start dates overlap, which requires our teams to use the daily planning processes to ensure adequate staging space while taking the sloped site into account.

The existing utilities caused some delay in a few of the buildings. Because of our stringent upfront planning process, our team was able to adjust and advance other buildings to maintain the overall project schedule.


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