Interlock Phase II


Choate Construction


Project Size

800,000 square feet

Project Location

Midtown Atlanta, GA

Lithko Location

Scope of Work:

Cantilevered slabs on Levels 11 ( extends 8 feet from the edge of slab on the floors below), high shoring (30 ft tall) on Levels 5 & 10, transfer beams as we transitioned from Parking Garage to Office Space on level 10, The precast parking garage was supported by a Large Isolated Cast-In-Place beam which was 54” wide X 90” deep X 164’ long with 134 post-tension cables designed for stage stressing while they load-up pre-cast deck on top of it.


The INTERLOCK Phase II project is a mixed-use building comprising a nine-floor parking structure, a six-floor office tower with a high roof, and various amenities such as multiple restaurants and retail spaces. The total square footage of the project is 800,000 square feet.

Breakdown of square footage:

Parking Garage: 305,000 square feet
Office Levels: 220,000 square feet
Podium Slab for Student Housing: 147,000 square feet
Restaurant/retail space: 100,000 square feet, including a 40,000 square feet grocery store and 50,000 square feet of “”incubator space”” in collaboration with Georgia Technology Venture.
Notable features of the project include cantilevered slabs on Levels 11, extending 8 feet from the edge of the slab on the floors below, and high shoring on Levels 5 & 10, reaching approximately 30 feet tall. Level 10 features transfer beams facilitating the transition from the parking garage to the office space.

The precast parking garage is supported by a Large Isolated Cast-In-Place beam measuring 54 inches wide, 90 inches deep, and 164 feet long. It incorporates 134 post-tension cables designed for stage stressing while loading up the pre-cast deck on top of it.


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