McHugh Construction


AP 1815 Division Holdings, LLC c/o Akara Partners, LLC


Project Size

559,000 square feet

Project Location

Nashville, TN

Lithko Location

Sitting on the historic site of the Crittenton Building, the 20-story Kenect project is comprised of 420 apartments, 20,000 square feet of retail space, an amenity level with a pool, and a 6-level parking deck. Lithko’s Nashville team is installing 675 cubic yards of foundations, 2,960 cubic yards of walls, 1,800 cubic yards of columns, 36,000 square feet of slab on grade, 523,000 square feet of elevated decks, 1,500 tons of rebar, and 472,000 lbs. of post tension rebar.

During our upfront planning meetings, we determined it was more efficient to build the 5 elevator cores ahead of the garage elevated decks, removing them from the critical path of the schedule. Levels 2 and 3 of the elevated deck portions of the garage were at high bay, which presented a unique challenge due to the double lift columns (25 feet) and the deck formwork, which came to the same height.

The amenity level was unique because of the pool slab, transfer beams, and a conventionally reinforced 12” slab with multiple slab elevation transitions. Levels 8-20 are typical apartment levels and we utilized a column hung formwork system to eliminate most of the reshores, saving additional time on our schedule.

We were expected to top out on November 15th, but thanks to the hard work of our project team, we will close-out the project a month early in the heavily populated Midtown area.


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