Macy’s Parking Garage


Corna Kokosing


Steiner / Easton


Project Size

200,000 square feet

Project Location

Columbus, OH

Lithko Location

The Easton Town Center is currently undergoing a $500 million expansion, which includes 2 new parking levels to the existing Macy’s parking garage. Lithko’s scope is comprised of columns, slab on deck, 2 cores, and 4 stair towers, including a central wrap stair. One of the sides will include an architectural form liner, which will make the parking garage more aesthetically pleasing to oncoming traffic.

Upfront detailed planning is essential when building on top of an existing live structure. To accommodate Easton’s patrons, only half of the current parking garage is closed during construction. During our early planning meetings, we identified the use of placing booms as the best option for placements due to the project logistics. Our team detailed out the plan to include not only pour dates and sequence, but also the access points and boom pump size for each pour.

Constructing on top of an existing structure has brought many unique challenges not normally faced when building a typical parking garage. We had to use a specialty contractor to cut through the tendons of the original post tension deck for the main elevator core that includes the central wrap stair. To achieve the wrap stair component, we will install dowel bar replacements at an angle to match the risers.

To keep parking available during construction, we scheduled our work into two phases, which spans  approximately 10 months. Despite the unique challenges faced with this project, the Lithko Columbus team looks forward to improving parking availability for Easton’s patrons.


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