Maps 3 Upper Park


Downey Contracting, LLC


The City of Oklahoma City


Project Size

1,927,522 square feet

Project Location

Oklahoma City, OK

Lithko Location

As part of the Oklahoma City Maps 3 Projects, the 40-acre Upper Park project will be a catalyst for downtown growth as a recreational and cultural focal point of the city. Our scope includes foundations and slabs for 5 buildings, 157,984 square feet of sidewalk and numerous light pole base configurations.  Additionally, we had the opportunity to cast some very unique terraced seating, picnic and garden trellis site amenities, and several “mounds” that help make up some of the unique and creative shapes in the playground area.

Though the project encompasses a 40-acre site, it is divided into zones so areas can be completed and turned over for landscaping activities.  Specialized soils for planting areas throughout the project required significant coordination.  Atypical for a Lithko project, the Landscape Drawings dictated the design and construction intent for the project.

Layout and achieving design elevations were the most critical element of this project.  The bordering roadways are at the same elevation and we needed to take great care in establishing finish elevations to avoid ponding of water within the 40-acre project.  With 326 light pole bases and 363 amenities foundations, precise layout was required since every element of the project relates to the other in creating a cultural and recreational experience.

Most of the walls on the project are exposed concrete and include a batten board form liner.  Careful consideration for expansion and contraction was given to the pre-manufactured form liner during installation, due to daily temperature swings of over 40 degrees.  To accommodate the design details of the lake wall water-stop installation, the walls were placed in alternating sections.


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