Market 42


Hoar Construction


LMC Development


Project Size

522,000 square feet

Project Location

Charlotte, NC

Lithko Location

Lithko Charlotte is currently working on the Market 42 High Rise project, a 34-story cast-in-place structural frame in the First Ward neighborhood of Uptown. Unique project components include 9-foot cantilever slabs on levels 27 and 33, tower crane tiebacks/jumps on levels 21 and 31, “floating floor” slab systems, and a cast-in-place swimming pool vault on Level 33, towering 300’ above the busy Charlotte streets. On average, the building has been on a “5 day” typical floor cycle since the beginning of December.

Like other downtown projects, the site has little to no laydown area to utilize during construction.  Our project team took steps early in the project to mitigate lack of laydown.  This included utilization of self-climbing wall formwork, outrigger landing platforms, and pre-tied vertical rebar.  Additionally, we utilized more frequent trucking to bring materials to the project in a “just in time” manner.

Our team selected Doka Formwork, Heede Southeast Tower Crane, Harris Rebar, Suncoast Post Tension, Thomas Concrete, and Coastal Carolina Pumping as our trade partners for the project.  Each partner was instrumental in the success of the project and we would like to extend a big Thank You to each of them.

Additionally, our project team would like to give a big shout out to our client on the project, Hoar Construction.  We collaborated during each phase of the project to ensure a successful outcome, not only by Lithko, but each trade partner on-site.


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